Centenary of Lithuania

Two horseshoes were created to commemorate the centenary of Lithuania.

People, like never before, need a gift of peace. It has long been said that the horseshoe brings happiness to its owner, whether he believes it or not, by its magical power. So this is a great opportunity for yourself or a loved one to express grace by giving SvLines horseshoes and so luck …

Why horseshoes? The horseshoe from ancient times is considered by many nations to be a mysterious power, a strong mascot for luck and happiness, protecting people from misery and evil. And this faith is still alive among people. And why two horseshoes? The horseshoe down with handsets signifies endless care and grace everywhere. Another horseshoe up, it's eternal and endless happiness. At the same time, these horseshoes symbolize the magical power of endless harmony and prosperity for their owner.



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